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AmeriSpec® has been serving St Paul residents since 1993. We’ve performed over 48,000 inspections (over 2,500 inspections per year) and pride ourselves on our knowledge and experience. Each inspector has at least nine years experience, and has performed over 4,500 inspections. It’s tough to find this experience in other companies, and is the reason that AmeriSpec® is one of the most trusted home inspection companies in North America.

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Our inspectors abide by the standards of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), guarantee a completely-by-the-book home inspection. Our checklist includes over 400 items, with each checked thoroughly. The homeowner is educated about the home’s condition, and all findings are detailed in the easy-to-read AmeriSpec® Report. If you have additional questions afterward, we’re available for complimentary follow-up phone consultations.

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Don’t waste time and money on less experienced companies. AmeriSpec® has nearly two decades of experience inspecting homes in St Paul and many other towns and cities in Minnesota.

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I have raved about this service and about John in particular to everyone!  This is truly a great value for the cost.  I cannot imagine buying a house...