3 Fall Property Inspection Priorities

If you’re buying or selling a home this fall, you’re going to want to make sure you’re already for winter! We always perform a thorough and complete inspection of the entire home, no matter what season it is. But, during the fall different aspects of the house may be a higher priority in terms of repair and maintenance. Our team of Twin Cities property inspectors will travel to the home and provide you with information about the property. Some which may be particularly helpful for Autumn.

Furnace Assessment

It’s really the furnace that works hard to keep you and your home warm during the winter. We’ll make sure the unit is in working order. If it’s not functioning properly, you still have time to have it fixed before winter sets in. Some things we’ll make sure of:

  • The furnace turns on
  • The unit stays lit when it’s on
  • Filters are clean
  • Things are running smoothly

Fireplace/ Chimney Examination

If the home your buying or selling has a fireplace, you’ll want make sure it’s enjoyable come fall! While a more in-depth inspection by a professional chimney inspection company may be recommended, we will perform a visual check. The property inspector assigned to your home will examine the chimney and the fireplace for any obvious signs of damage. If any is found, you’ll want to have it repaired before you try to build a fire.

Home Exterior Inspection

Many aspects of the home’s exterior contribute to the overall temperature in your home during the winter. We will make sure your siding, roofing and insulation is all up to date. Without the proper home exterior, heat may escape. When you’re paying to heat your home, you want the warm air to stay inside! We may recommend an upgrade to the home’s exterior to improve energy efficiency.

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