April is National Home Inspection Month

With April being National Home Inspection Month and the real estate market the way it is, we couldn’t think of a better time to talk about the importance of hiring a certified home inspector. Whether you are planning to take advantage of the seller’s market this spring, looking to buy or are expecting to stay in your current home for years to come, now is the perfect time to schedule a home inspection. 

home inspection month

In today’s market, real estate agents and buyers are continually looking for ways to make their offer more attractive. While many are turning to fast closings or skipping a home inspection completely, it’s important to remember the critical role a home inspection plays in the home buying process. 

One of the biggest fears for home buyers is that a major issue is found during the inspection. Structural cracks, elevated levels of radon or rotted windows are all issues no buyer wants to be surprised with and it is better to know now than to find out after closing. That is why a certified home inspector does everything he or she can to give you a clear picture of the property’s current condition.

Our team of inspectors will execute a thorough 400+ point evaluation of the home so you understand its current condition. Our home inspectors are trained and certified to exceed the highest home inspection industry standards. Our complete home inspection can help:

  • Provide useful information for potential negotiations
  • Reveal any necessary repairs or costs prior to listing
  • Assure your financial well-being, or safety, isn’t at risk
  • Eliminate unwanted “surprises” after you’ve moved in
  • Provide you with reassurance that you’re making a sound buying decision 
  • And more

A professional home inspection not only helps pinpoint issues in a potential home but also educates sellers and homeowners on the current condition of their home and minimizes any unplanned expenses in the future. It is recommended homeowners schedule a routine inspection every three to five years to stay ahead of maintenance needs and to avoid more costly repairs.

The standard home inspector’s report will cover the visible components and systems of a house, from the roof to the foundation and everything in between. Celebrate National Home Inspection Month with a home inspection today! 

To learn more about hiring a licensed home inspector in the Twin Cities area, call AmeriSpec at 952-854-5110. Or, Contact Us online for more information or to schedule a radon test.