Checklist: What Home Inspections Look For

Here in Minneapolis, home inspections are incredibly important when you’re thinking of purchasing a new home. But what exactly do home inspections cover?

  • Foundation: Home inspections will look at the walls from the base to the ceiling to see if there are any cracks or shifts in the foundation or to see if there are any tree roots intruding on the foundation.
  • Basement: Is the basement damp or moldy, and is there enough insulation?
  • Roof: The roof’s condition will be assessed. Is it in good shape or does it need some work? Are there any low-hanging tree branches that could cause problems in the future or are currently causing problems?
  • Water drainage: Is water draining away from the house? Home inspections will take a close look to see if there are any obviously soggy areas around the house.
  • Home’s exterior: Home inspections will look at the home’s exterior and pay special attention to the gutters and downspouts to see if they are attached properly and draining water as they should be. Also, does the home appear to need a fresh coat of paint? Are there any dangerous electrical wires dangling from the home?
  • Obvious odors: Are there any weird or funny smells in the home, and, if so, what are the causes of the odors and how can they be remedied?
  • Attic: Are there any signs that the roof is leaking water into the house? Also, the home’s windows and other ceilings will be looked at to see if there are any leaks.
  • Electrical system and plumbing and the heating/cooling systems: They will be inspected for any obvious malfunctions and problems.
  • Appliances: Home inspections will look at the condition and age of the appliances to see if they need to be repaired or replaced.

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The knowledge, skill and experience required to follow these “tips” varies; if you are in doubt as to your ability to properly and safely implement these suggestions, call a qualified professional first. Every home appliance and system is different as are the problems that can affect them. Accordingly, the above-referenced tips are meant only as suggestions to be considered for the listed problems. AmeriSpec cannot be responsible for any damages arising from any actions taken pursuant to tips provided herein. This list is not exhaustive and other remedies may be needed in addition to those listed above.