Concerns Sought Out During a Home Inspection

The home of your dreams is within sight. Your St Paul area home inspection appointment is set. What exactly will be covered during this home inspection? What exactly do home inspectors look for? What are particular issues they focus on in any or all home inspections? At Amerispec Home Inspection Service, we like to keep those who utilize our services well informed on the details. See below for a general list of issues common to homes and a general idea of what a home inspection covers.

  • Appliances—How old and in what condition are the appliances in? Will any of them need to be repaired or require replacement?
  • Basement/Lower Level—Is the lower level damp? If so, is there mold? Is the basement properly insulated where needed?
  • Electrical (Wiring)—Bad or aged wiring can be a huge annoyance to get repaired.  In worst case scenarios, fires can erupt as a result. Should the home inspection yield bad wiring information, call in an electrician to assess the sate of things and estimate a cost of repair, if need be.
  • HVAC—Are there any blatant or glaring problems with these important systems? Noises? Turn the heat on, do the same with the AC. Do both work (please note AC can only be tested if 65 degrees or warmer outside)?
  • Exterior—A home inspection will look at the house’s exterior, particularly seeking out the condition of gutters and downspouts. They will be checked to see if they are properly attached and that water drains as it should. Does the home need a paint job?
  • Foundation—The walls—from ceiling to floor base, will be eyed thoroughly to seek out shifting or cracks in the foundation. Perhaps some tree roots have invaded the home? A crumbling foundation is not a good thing and the cost of repair will be very high.
  • Leaks—Are there leaks coming in through the roof, windows or ceilings? Any atypical leakages occurring within the home via the outside?
  • Odors—Are there any strange smells in the house? What are the causes of the stinkiness? Can they be remedied with ease?
  • Plumbing—Many potential problems lie within this realm—from poor drainage to ill-functioning sewer lines. Poor drainage and plumbing can lead to wet lower levels and/or crawl spaces, wood rot and mold growth.
  • Roof—The roof’s condition will be assessed. Is it in good shape or does it need some work? Are there any low-hanging tree branches that could cause problems in the future or are currently causing problems?
  • Water drainage—Is water draining away from the house? Home inspections will take a close look to see if there are any obviously soggy areas around the house.

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