Don’t Skip the New Construction Home Inspection

Are you building a house or purchasing a new build in the Twin Cities area? You may think you don’t need a home inspection since it’s new, but we would advise otherwise. It’s not safe to assume that a new home will be flawless just because it’s new construction.

Contractors work fast, sometimes too fast, and things can be missed. Many projects are subcontracted out to various vendors whose competence and diligence might range significantly. Some builders do the bare minimum when it comes to code. In addition, mistakes happen and things get overlooked even by the general contractor.

So, even though you expect your new home to be perfect, it’s much more realistic that there can be some issues. Even though new construction goes through its own inspection process, having a third party home inspector look over the house can let you know if things were missed or done incorrectly.

Home inspector checking a new construction house

Here are some common things that might be wrong:

  • Gaps or cracks in decks and patios
  • Incorrectly applied siding
  • Cracks in drywall
  • Nail pops
  • Humidity in home
  • Flooring issues
  • Doors sticking shut
  • Appliances improperly installed

By having a home inspector go through the home, you can find any of these issues (or others) and hopefully get them fixed before moving in. Some issues might fall under the warranty from the builder, so they can get them remedied before causing major problems in the future.

Radon Mitigation

Another important aspect of buying a new home includes radon testing and mitigation. Most new homes in Minnesota are built with a passive radon mitigation system. A passive system uses natural pressure differentials and air currents to remove radon from the house. If the radon levels in the home are low, this should be fine. However, it’s a wise idea to test the home for radon to see if you need to switch to an active radon mitigation system. An active system uses an electric fan to actively push radon out of the house. It’s much more effective at removing harmful radon gas.

To make sure you and your family are safe before moving into your new home, have it tested for radon and adjust the mitigation system accordingly. At AmeriSpec, we are licensed to perform electronic radon testing in Minnesota. We can let you know how much radon is in the home and what steps need to be taken to eliminate the risk.

Moving into a new construction home is exciting! Trust AmeriSpec to make sure everything is good to go before you settle in. If you have questions or want to schedule a new construction home inspection, give us a call at 952-854-5110 or contact us.