Home Inspection Hot Spot: The Heating System

During a thorough home inspection, there are many areas, appliances and rooms to be visited and many issues to be addressed. Among one of the most important areas of the home to inspect is the heating and cooling systems. With temperatures dropping, we thought now would be a great time to discuss the inspection of your heating system. Heating and cooling are key areas that can affect the overall comfort and efficiency of your new home. As the trusted property inspection company for Woodbury and the surrounding neighborhoods, we would like to take a moment to spotlight and discuss the many aspects of HVAC inspection.

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The job of a property inspection company is to help buyers understand the current state of a house to ensure they are making a sound investment. Inspections provide a comprehensive and objective analysis of the home’s condition, following industry or state required standards.

During an inspection, the property inspector reviews the structural components of a property, along with its major systems. Here are some of the different components that go into an inspection of your HVAC.

First, there’s the visual inspection. The property inspector will visually inspect your systems and note any obvious issues with age or performance. Inspectors will also check to see if your thermostat, furnace, air conditioner (depending on outside temperature) and heat pump and ducts are in functional condition. An inspector can also look at your insulation where possible.

Then, there’s the testing of the systems. A property inspection company like ours will typically test systems for their current function after the visual inspection.  The first thing they measure is its performance, turning them on and taking note as to whether the different systems are working. They gauge performance for gas or oil furnaces based on whether or not it will light and if the system is delivering heating or cooling in the home. We go above and beyond the ASHI standards and test the carbon monoxide levels of the furnace and water heater to make sure they are operating properly.

After a thorough home inspection and inspection of the HVAC systems, the inspector will provide a 400-point report of their findings, complete with recommendations. A trusted property inspection company is a useful tool for home sellers and buyers alike, helping to make them more aware of the existing status of their home or potential home.

While we cannot tell you one way or the other if the house is a good purchase, the detailed report we give you will help you reach the best and most informed decision. 

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