Hidden Problems St Paul Home Inspectors Find

Getting you into your dream home is what we’re all about. But, only if it’s a good fit! At AmeriSpec Home Inspection, we’ve seen our fair share of surprises throughout the years. In this blog, we want to share our experiences about some damage that may be hiding out of sight. As your local Twin Cities, Minneapolis and St Paul home inspectors, we will provide you with the most accurate information about the home you’re buying or selling. This means looking under the surface and seeking out those hidden problems!

Hidden Roof Damage

Just because the roof is dry when you visit doesn’t mean it’s not leaking. Water damage can be hidden with a fresh coat of paint or a strategically placed bucket. It takes the trained eye of a local to St Paul home inspector to uncover the real story. Unfinished attics are an easy target because it takes some effort to really expose the extent of the damage. We’ll get up into the attic space and report our findings to you.

Hidden Floor Damage

There are multiple ways floor damage can be unnoticeable to the average home buyer or seller. The floor may have sunk over the years, even though it appears to be level. A closer examination of the basement can reveal rotting or other structural damage. An inspection of the space under the home is also necessary to make sure there isn’t any water damage or mold. It can be surprising how badly damaged some floors are!

Household Misconceptions

By no fault of their own, current homeowners may believe certain misconceptions about their home to be true. Homeowners may not be aware of hidden deterioration, or been provided misinformation when they initially purchased the home. Our job as St Paul home inspectors is to clear up any confusion. A complete, clear understanding can be reached on the current state of the home.

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