Home Inspection Hot Spots: Areas a Home Inspector Should Cover

As a step in the home buying or selling process, you will generally be encouraged to have an inspection. And, not every property inspection company is created equal. Some simply do not take the same care that other companies do. It is important you choose a property inspection company that goes into great detail during their inspection. And, once you’ve found the home inspector your can trust, there will likely be a few areas of the home that concern you most. Have an inclination the basement could have some issues? This is a very common occurrence. That’s where home inspectors come in! As trusted home inspectors for St Paul and the surrounding areas, we’d like to discuss a few more areas that will likely be of most concern and that should definitely be covered during your next home inspection.

St Paul Home Inspectors


Mainly due to the possibility of the presence of toxic mold; this is a big one. A homeowner won’t get an acceptable offer if there’s mold present. And, you likely won’t want to buy a home where mold is present. Mold removal can be a messy and lengthy process that no one wants to go through. If mold comes up in the home inspection, the buyer might demand professional mold remediation, and that can cost thousands.


Deteriorated shingles or roofs are one of the first things home buyers and home inspectors notice. If the elements underneath the shingles are moist or rotted, repairs should be and will likely be requested. Some states require a separate roof inspection.


The most important part of the electrical inspection the home inspectors should cover is discovering whether or not the electrical panel is adequate for the home’s electrical needs.


Home inspectors should check water pressure by turning on multiple faucets and flushing toilets at the same time. The inspector should also check the dishwasher and similar appliances. The home inspector might check the septic system.

And, these are just some of the important areas of concern to be covered by your home inspectors. Many home inspectors will yield a report within 24 hours. If you like, ask to see samples of their previous home inspection reports.

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