Home Inspection Hotspot: The Basement

During a thorough home inspection, there are many rooms to be visited and many issues to address. Among one of the most important areas of the home to inspect has got to be the basement. Basements can be anything from dark and spooky to bright and homey; whatever a basement looks like, it is a key area that can affect the entire structure, stability and efficiency of the home. As the experts in home inspection for Wayzata, we would like to take a moment to spotlight and discuss the many aspects of a basement inspection.

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When it comes to the basement, there are some key areas we think are important to take a look at. Here are just a few:


Perhaps the most common foundation problem found in a home inspection is a cracked or uneven foundation. Cracks can develop over time as the ground underneath the home settles. Concrete is not a pliable material, and without even support, it will crack. This is often manifested in cracks in the basement walls and we will take note of anything suspicious that we see. 

Water Damage

We will take note of any obvious water damage seen in the basement including rot or water marks on walls, metal studs or around corners as well as point out possible defects in grading, drainage, discharges and more.

Ground Sloping

It is important that homes be built with a certain grade. This provides a slope that naturally directs water away from the home. If this grade was not properly constructed or soil erosion has eaten away at the slope, water can either pool around your home or actually be directed towards the foundation and basement.


A number of appliances are often located in the basement including the water heater and furnace among others. We will perform a thorough review of all house systems including plumbing, electric and HVAC.

These are just some of the areas we will take a look at. While we cannot tell you one way or the other if the house is a good purchase, the detailed report we give you will help you reach the best and most informed decision. The report will also feature full color digital photos.

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