Home Inspection Professionals See What You Don’t

Home inspection for Twin Cities home buyers is of paramount importance. Sometimes developing problems might not be noticed by the average home owner or buyer, but the results could show up months or even years later.  A trained and experienced professional home inspector will usually recognize conditions that could result in expensive repairs at a later date.

Home inspection professionals are also familiar with many common problems associated with various major appliances, which would not be known to a typical home buyer. For example, a particular model of a major manufactures appliance might have a recall issued. An experienced home inspector is likely to be aware of that manufacturers offer to make free repairs, or for an allowance for a substantial discount toward a new replacement appliance.

When you walk across a floor of an older home and notice a slight creak, you might just regard it as a characteristic of an older home.  That may be the case, but when an experienced home inspection professional hears it, he might be alerted to be extra thorough in his inspection of the supporting joists as he inspects the basement or crawl space.

Although there is no requirement for licensing or qualifying home inspectors in Minnesota, those who have joined one of the industry professional associations, will likely have had enough training to identify most serious problems that would be of concern. Home inspectors with several years in the business tend to gain valuable insight into their local market area. An experienced home inspection professional will often know of problems that are more common in a particular area of town, or that are more common with certain builders.

Using an experienced, Minneapolis home inspection professional is essential to ensure the integrity of your purchase.