Home Inspections: 5 Things to Do to Prepare

Minneapolis Home InspectionsWe know that for sellers and buyers, a home inspection can be a stressful process. An inspector comes into the home and points out all the flaws and items that need to be fixed, which can sometimes prohibit the sale from proceeding. The last thing a buyer wants is to feel like they’ve purchased something that will need lots of repairs, and no seller wants to hear they have a great deal of repairs to make.

Luckily, the stress can be avoided or offset by following these 5 simple preparation tips:

Make repairs before the inspection

If there are fixes you can do before the inspection, it’s best to take care of them. These can include things like fixing leaks, replacing smoke detector batteries and other minor repairs. You don’t want to give the impression of your home lacking routine maintenance.

Preventative maintenance is key

Impress the inspector buy undertaking routine maintenance, and have things like fireplace chimneys, HVAC equipment and other appliances and fixtures professionally cleaned out.

Clean up

A great way to put comfort into the mind of the inspector, buyer or seller is to have the house cleaned up. Clean it as well as you would for any showing, and don’t forget about areas that don’t usually get the cleaning treatment, like closets, cabinets and other nooks and crannies, as the inspector will show these to the buyers.

Be present

If you’re a buyer, it’s important you be at the house when the inspection is being done. This way, you can ask questions and get important information necessary about buying the property.

Increase accessibility

The inspector will need to look everywhere, so you’ll want to make the process easier for him or her. Do this by providing access to areas like the attic, crawlspaces, access panels, HVAC equipment and other areas.

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