Home Inspections: A Great Investment into Your Most Important Investment

While some folks might look at a home inspection as nothing more than a technicality, it’s important you invest in one. Don’t confuse it with the walkthrough that takes place before the home is in your possession. Unlike the walkthrough, which is to make sure all appliances and fixtures are still there and that no holes are in the walls, a home inspection is an extensive visual inspection of the entire home.

When a home inspector does his or her job, they will do an investigative look at all facets of the home, from crawling through the attic to going into the basement to checking out the crawl spaces. Also looked at are the plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems, and whether there are signs of water damage, past or present.

The home’s exterior will also be looked at, from the layout of the land for signs of improper damage to evaluating windows and siding for defects. They’ll also look at the roof, but may not actually climb up to it.

Another reason home inspections are worth investing in is that most lenders will require one is done as a matter of routine. Even if not required, you should have one performed. Once the home is yours, you’ll be responsible for all repairs unless you have a warranty.

If you do not want to pay for a home inspection, then remember that the fees you spend having the inspection done will be minimal compared to the investment you are helping to protect. You’ll also get the peace of mind by having your home looked at by a professional.