Home Inspections in Wisconsin

Don’t let the most stressful parts of your Wisconsin home buying or selling process be the home inspections. We can provide you with the information you want, without all the pressure. We understand that everyone involved wants to know what the report reveals, and if there were any issues with it. AmeriSpec Home Inspection Service is well-versed in home inspections – Wisconsin residents have trusted us for years to give them an honest evaluation of their homes.

So what are some things you can do to help ensure your Wisconsin home passes one of our home inspections?

First: honesty is the best policy. If you know that your Wisconsin home has certain issues, it’s best to be up front and honest about them right from the get-go. The problems will be found out anyway, so telling the Wisconsin inspector and potential buyer about them will go a long way in establishing a certain level of trust that is needed when going through the home buying and selling process and getting home inspections services.

Second: take the time to remove the clutter and other stuff that could impede home inspections, especially around electrical panels, heating and cooling equipment or anywhere else with mechanical equipment. This will help make your Wisconsin home inspection go smoother and faster.

Third: clean out your washer, dryer and oven. When the home inspector comes to take a look, he or she does not want to have to move your laundry or food aside to see what they need to see! Wisconsin home inspections can go a lot faster if you take this quick and easy step.

Fourth: make it easy to get into your attic (if you have one). Set up a ladder and make sure the ladder is safe to climb on. Take a little more time to clear the area leading into the attic too.

Fifth: It’s important to be present during a home inspection, but finding alternative care for your children and/or pets during that timeframe, can be a good idea. Home inspections can go a lot faster if there are no little ones or pets underfoot.

When you need a trusted Wisconsin company for home inspections, call AmeriSpec Home Inspection Service at 952-854-5110, or you can contact us online! One of our knowledgeable staff members can answer any questions you have about home inspections in Wisconsin.

The knowledge, skill and experience required to follow these “tips” varies; if you are in doubt as to your ability to properly and safely implement these suggestions, call a qualified professional first. Every home appliance and system is different as are the problems that can affect them. Accordingly, the above-referenced tips are meant only as suggestions to be considered for the listed problems. AmeriSpec cannot be responsible for any damages arising from any actions taken pursuant to tips provided herein. This list is not exhaustive and other remedies may be needed in addition to those listed above.