Home Inspections: Problems Commonly Found

While we have found some unique items and construction solutions over the years, there are certain problems the Minneapolis home inspectors at AmeriSpec Home Inspection Service of Bloomington MN have seen repeatedly occur. While all these problems don’t affect every home we inspect, they are present in a large number. Here are the problems we most commonly find during home inspections:


If homes had a Public Enemy No. 1, water would probably be the top contender. When it comes to costly, damaging invaders, water is often the most harmful, as it causes problems with a home’s foundation, and issues with mold and rotting. If you notice water leaks or puddles, have them investigated ASAP or you risk spending more money to alleviate the issue.


Another common problem that needs addressed is the home’s plumbing. Usually, issues with the plumbing are related to pipe corrosion, along with materials that are old or incompatible. Other defects found commonly by our home inspectors include improper framing, leaking fixtures and faucets, and more.

Heating & Cooling

When was the last time you had your home heating and cooling system inspected by a professional? If it’s been a while, be sure to have it done before a home inspection takes place. We commonly find issues with heating and cooling systems, including problems with the controls, blocked ducts, improper exhaust and much more.

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The knowledge, skill and experience required to follow these “tips” varies; if you are in doubt as to your ability to properly and safely implement these suggestions, call a qualified professional first. Every home appliance and system is different as are the problems that can affect them. Accordingly, the above-referenced tips are meant only as suggestions to be considered for the listed problems. AmeriSpec cannot be responsible for any damages arising from any actions taken pursuant to tips provided herein. This list is not exhaustive and other remedies may be needed in addition to those listed above.