Home Inspectors: Helping You Buy Your Dream Home

There is nothing quite like the feeling of buying your dream home. It’s the one that gives you a rush of excitement as you look inside and see yourself living here, after you’ve searched for months – maybe even longer – to find that one residence that gives you that “meant to be” feeling.

If you’ve found that property and haven’t had it inspected, you may want to hold off on falling in love with it. We’ve seen this happen quite a few times: the house is “the one,” until the home inspector does the inspection and reveals “the one” has some faults. The home buyer/owner is disappointed, their dream home now a disappointment.

A home inspection isn’t meant to crush hopes about buying your dream home. It’s meant to give you an unbiased, honest report about the property’s condition. Home inspectors want you to buy your dream home, but they want you to know what you’re getting yourself info.

Just remember that while the home might not have been the pleasant dream you thought it was, at least you found out before you bought the home.

Whether it’s to look at a property in Minneapolis, St Paul or Stillwater, home inspectors like those working for AmeriSpec Home Inspection Service of Bloomington MN take the job seriously for two main reasons: safety and security.


The aesthetics of a residence may have initially caught your eye, but will the safety of the structure make it a done deal? Safety may not be as attractive of a feature as bay windows or hardwood floors, but it’s probably the most important aspect of any home. You want to be assured that the home you’re look at buying is not a safety risk to you or your family, so a home inspection is intended to identify and point out those areas that could result in compromised safety.


The other most important aspect of any home is security. One of the last things you want happening to your dream home is structural damage, wiring issues or other security risks that can huge problems. One of our professional home inspectors will investigate the structure for these issues, so you can be aware of these problems.

Thinking of buying a home in the Twin Cities metro, like in Stillwater? Home inspectors at AmeriSpec Home Inspection Service of Bloomington MN can help. Call us now at 952-854-5110 to learn more.