Home Inspectors in Minnesota

Home inspectors in Minnesota are a detail-oriented bunch. There are so many things they need to look for when inspecting a home. Thankfully, AmeriSpec Home Inspection Service has home inspectors Minnesota can trust to do a thorough and complete job.

When you have a home inspection done by home inspectors, you might be wondering what kind of problems they encounter the most. Here is a brief rundown of the most common problems we see in Minnesota and beyond.

  • Home exterior flaws – cracks in the walls, caulking that was done improperly and problems with the weather stripping are all problems home inspectors might find while doing an inspection in Minnesota.
  • Defective heating systems – gas and electrical heaters can sometimes cause problems, plus there are sometimes problems with broken controls and ones that do not work properly. Home inspectors can spot problems with these systems and put them on the report.
  • Plumbing and pipe problems – Pipes that are corroded or old can cause water damage and can leak and even cause mold and mildew issues. This is usually a problem in older Minnesota homes, but even newer homes can have issues.
  • Defective electrical systems – Home inspectors will take a look at these systems to make sure they are wired properly and to make sure there are not any dangerous wiring connections, electrical service that is not sufficient or problems with overload protection.
  • Damage to the roof – Leaks are the usual culprit. Roofs that were not installed properly or are old and need to be replaced can be pointed out by home inspectors on their report. That way, the Minnesota home buyer and seller know it’s time to get the roof replaced or repaired.

Home inspectors like the ones at AmeriSpec Home Inspection Service are well-versed in spotting these problems and more. Thanks to the home inspectors’ attention to detail and their passion for the job, many home buyers have been alerted to potential problems with the home before they spend a ton of money on a down payment and purchasing the home.

If you need home inspectors in Minnesota, call AmeriSpec Home Inspection Service today at (952) 854-5110 or contact us online.

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