It’s Winter Hazard Awareness Week!

Did you know that November 10 through November 14 is Winter Hazard Awareness Week here in Minnesota? This annual event is sponsored by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety and several other federal government agencies and non-profit organizations. Its purpose is to help raise awareness of the hazards and dangers winter presents and how to avoid them. Thursday, November 13, is Indoor Winter Safety day. Here are a few of our favorite recommendations.

  • Carbon monoxide poisoning is a bigger threat during the winter than any other time of year. This is because we tend to keep our windows and doors closed during this period of time, so there is less ventilation and fresh air moving through your home. You can mitigate this risk by installing a carbon monoxide detector and by learning the first signs of carbon monoxide poisoning. They include flu-like symptoms like weakness, bad headaches, dizziness, drowsiness and shortness of breath. If you or another member of your family are experiencing these symptoms, evacuate your home immediately if you suspect it’s carbon monoxide poisoning and call emergency personnel.
  • Radon is another potential issue in the winter time. Like carbon monoxide, radon levels are usually higher in the winter than any other time of the year. So the best time of year for radon testing is during the cold months. You can call on a company like AmeriSpec Home Inspection for professional radon testing. We can come to your home and check the radon levels to make sure you and your family are safe from the ill effects of this odorless, tasteless and colorless radioactive gas.
  • Mold is also another problem that is more common in the winter. Thanks to the moisture that can leak into your home thanks to bad weather and cooler temperatures, mold can grow uncontrollably before you realize it’s a problem. Thermal imaging can help spot this problem, and this is another service we offer at AmeriSpec Home Inspection Service.

So when you need radon testing, thermal imaging or a home inspection, call us here at AmeriSpec to get more information or to get on our schedule. Our number is 952-854-5110 or you can Contact Us.

The knowledge, skill and experience required to follow these “tips” varies; if you are in doubt as to your ability to properly and safely implement these suggestions, call a qualified professional first. Every home appliance and system is different as are the problems that can affect them. Accordingly, the above-referenced tips are meant only as suggestions to be considered for the listed problems. AmeriSpec cannot be responsible for any damages arising from any actions taken pursuant to tips provided herein. This list is not exhaustive and other remedies may be needed in addition to those listed above.