Myths That Validate Radon Testing

Radon is a silent and invisible killer. It is a gas that decays into radioactive particles that unfurl energy releases that get lodged within your lungs as you continue to breathe. The unleashed energy does damage to lung tissue, potentially causing lung cancer during your lifetime.

At Amerispec Home Inspection, radon is taken very seriously. We feel it is a very important service option that we provide. Any potential home buyer or current owner should have the insight as to whether radon is looming within a home. Once aware, steps can be taken to try to remove the radon and/or diminish it. Call us if you are looking for radon testing at your Minnetonka or nearby home.

Radon Testing

Radon being a widely misunderstood air born carcinogen, we feel it necessary to debunk a number of myths associated with it. See below:

Myth—Radon is not a problem.

  • Fact—Many oncologists and/or scientists in general disagree with the tally of deaths attributable to radon. Every major governmental health outfit (American Lung Association, American Medical Association and Center for Disease Control and Prevention) feels secure in their approximations that radon causes thousands of otherwise avoidable lung cancer deaths every year. These numbers ring especially true among smokers as they already put themselves at risk for lung issues.

MythMy neighbor just tested their house for radon, they got a clean bill. Doesn’t that mean my house right next door should be ok?

  • Fact—One cannot go off of a neighbor’s radon testing results as a means of dismissing its presence in their own home as great variances can occur within just a few square feet. The only way to be sure is to have your home undergo radon testing.

MythRadon presence cannot be fixed.

  • Fact—Many solutions to radon issues exist. Many houses can be fixed for roughly the same cost as standard home repair work.

MythIt’s out there now that radon is in my home. It will be impossible to sell it.

  • Fact—Once you know whether or not radon runs rampant in your home, you can do something about it. If you fix or remove the radon issues in your home, selling it will not be any more difficult than it otherwise would be.

 When you need radon testing in Minnetonka and/or surrounding areas, call AmeriSpec at 952-854-5110 or Contact Us.