Property Inspection in WI

Property inspection in WI is not as easy as it seems. To inspect WI properties, one has to go through training and pass at least two exams: the National Home Inspector Examination (NHIE) and an exam on Wisconsin Statutes and Administrative Rules. But you can’t just go and sign up for these two exams, expect to pass and instantly start property inspections in WI. You will have to start with some type of training course and be sure to study for the exams.

When you are ready to take the Wisconsin exam, there are two parts to the test. Part 1 is about WI statutes and administrative rules, and Part 2 is about the principles and procedures relating to the practice of property inspection. You have to pass both parts of the exam. In preparation for the exams, it’s best to find a property inspection school that will train you on how to conduct property inspections in WI and will give you some hands-on experience as well.

And even after you’re licensed, the learning still isn’t over. You will have to continue your education: 40 hours for every two-year renewal.

Someone who is doing property inspections must have traits like being detail-oriented and having an eagle eye for the small things that most homeowners overlook. You cannot ask a friend or family member who is a contractor or in the home construction business to do your inspection for you. While you might save money in the long run, unless that person is a licensed home inspector in WI, there is still a good chance he or she will miss something, and that could result in a big hassle (and expense!) later on down the road. It is always best to trust a professional, like the one at AmeriSpec Home Inspection. Our WI home inspector is fully licensed to do property inspections in WI.

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