Radon and Radon Testing: Myths

We here at AmeriSpec Home Inspection Service have done more than our fair share of radon testing in Minneapolis. Along the way, we have uncovered a few myths about radon, so we wanted to set the record straight about the dangers of this odorless, colorless and tasteless radioactive gas.

Is radon really that much of a problem? I’ve heard that scientists aren’t sure it’s as big of a problem as people say it is.

Yes, radon really is a big concern! Every major health organization, such as the Centers for Disease Control and the American Medical Association, agree that radon is the cause of thousands of lung cancer deaths each year that could have been prevented. Smokers are at a higher risk than non-smokers.

Radon can’t be a problem at my home because it only affects certain types of homes, right?

Wrong! Radon can be a problem for just about every type of home out there. House construction can affect the levels of radon, and there are several other factors too. Radon testing can help homeowners figure out if radon truly is a problem at their home or not.

If radon is found at my home and I am in the process of selling it, I won’t be able to sell my home after all!

Not to worry! When you undergo professional radon testing like the kind we offer and radon is found in your home, fixing it is usually pretty simple. The repairs cost about as much as other typical home repairs. Simply start calling around to different mitigation contractors and start getting estimates if radon testing found radon in your home.

If my neighbor’s house undergoes radon testing and it comes up negative, then I don’t have to worry about having mine tested.

You should still have radon testing performed on your home, even if your neighbor’s house tests negative. Radon levels can vary depending on your home and its location, even if your home is right next to a house that tested negative.

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