Radon Testing Minnesota

One of the most important tests you can get for your home is radon testing. Minnesota‘s Department of Health recommends that every home in the state get tested for radon. AmeriSpec Home Inspection Services has radon testing specialists who can come to your Minnesota home and see if radon is a problem.

Radon cannot be detected by sight or smell. It is an odorless and colorless gas, and it seeps into your home from the earth’s soil. It is the second-leading cause of lung cancer (behind cigarette smoke). More than 21,000 deaths from lung cancer each year are caused by exposure to radon.

Radon Testing Minnesota

Radon Testing: Keeping You and Your Family Safe

There is no “safe” level of radon, and it tends to concentrate the most inside of your home, which is where you and your family probably spend a majority of your time. Your home’s age and condition don’t matter either. Radon can affect a home of any size, age or condition.

Two in five homes in Minnesota are affected by high levels of radon. That’s why getting your home tested by our radon testing professionals is so important to the health and well-being of you and your family. Exposure to radon is something that is preventable if you hire our radon testing professionals.

Radon is produced in soil and moves through the dirt and rocks into the air we breathe. Thanks to this, it’s everywhere. Again, this is why radon testing is so imperative and why you should hire trusted Minnesota professionals like the one at AmeriSpec Home Inspection Services.

Radon typically enters your Minnesota home through its lowest point. From there, it is distributed throughout the rest of your home by the air’s natural movements and through various mechanical systems.

Radon Testing: Protect Your Family

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