Radon Testing Woodbury 

As the number one cause of lung cancer among non-smokers, radon is a deadly gas that is odorless and tasteless. So how do you know if this silent killer is a problem in your current home or one you are hoping to purchase? You need a company that offers proficient and accurate radon testing that will give you the peace of mind you deserve. We offer radon testing in Woodbury and the surrounding areas, and we have decades of experience.

Why is radon testing so important for a potential home buyer?

  • Knowing if radon is a problem in the home you want to buy could help you come to the best decision for yourself and your family. You don’t just want to be sure your new home is a sound investment. You also want to be sure it is safe for you and your family to live there.
  • Radon mitigation systems can be expensive. If you find out the home you want to buy has high levels of radon before you buy it, the cost of the radon mitigation system falls on the seller, not you.
  • Radon testing means you know what you are potentially up against if you buy this new home. So you will make a smart and well-informed decision. After all, radon is the second leading cause of cancer in America.

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Facts about Radon and Radon Testing

There are many misconceptions about radon, its effects and the importance of radon testing.

A lot of people think radon testing is only necessary in certain parts of the country. However, radon is found all over the United States. And even if the neighbor’s house tested negative for radon, that does not guarantee your home is safe.

And no matter what type of home you are thinking of purchasing, radon can still be a problem. Homes with and without lower levels can have problems with radon. And that is why radon testing is so important. Radon does not discriminate, and it can lead to cancer and a host of other potential health problems.

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