It’s a Seller’s Market So Be Sure to Hire a Trusted Property Inspector

Have you ever wondered when the best time is to buy or sell a home? While certain seasons may be busier than others, the fluctuations within the real estate market have far more to do with the concept of supply and demand. So it’s important to pay attention to whether your area is experiencing a buyer’s market or a seller’s market. And right now it’s a seller’s market. With prices at record highs and inventory continuing to fall, it is becoming increasingly competitive. New home sales have risen strongly during the pandemic and existing home sales are at a 1-year high. Following months of closures, many are now looking to finally move house and are flooding the market. With all of this competition, it is important not to neglect one of the most essential steps in buying or selling a home: the inspection. Hiring a reliable property inspector will help you make a more informed decision about your purchase and/or give you the information you need to sell. 

property inspector burnsville

Our role as a professional property inspector for the Burnsville area is to thoroughly and carefully inspect the property and then report back on our findings. Armed with this information, the buyer can then make an informed decision about whether or not to continue with the buying process or to seek out another property.

Areas of a property inspection can include foundation, roof, electrical work, HVAC, windows and plumbing. The property inspector will put together a report of their findings and make recommendations for further action if necessary. One of the biggest fears for sellers is that a major issue is found during the inspection. For example: structural cracks in the foundation, elevated levels of radon or rotted windows. But, it is better to know now than to find out later. That is why a property inspector does everything he or she can to give you a clear picture of the property’s current condition. It is such an essential step in the process, no matter what the market looks like.

Ready to buy or sell and need a reliable property inspector? Call the professionals here at AmeriSpec. Our property inspector has the right experience and expertise to inspect the house, answer your questions and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

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