Types of Radon Mitigation Systems

When your home undergoes radon testing and comes up positive for high levels of radon, it is important to get a radon mitigation system. There are several different kinds of mitigation systems, and as a company that performs radon testing in Bloomington, we thought we would give you more information about three of the most common types.

Active Suction

These types of mitigation systems are usually limited to homes that have a concrete slab basement and homes with basements that are on a gradient. So when radon testing at your home comes up positive, a hole will be drilled into the foundation and a fan system is placed into that hole. A venting pipe will also be added to the outside of your house. The fan will be turned on and will have just enough power to keep the radon from entering your home. Then any cracks in your basement will be sealed.

Pressure Systems

If you generally keep your home’s lower level windows and doors closed more often than not, this might be a good system to use if radon testing comes up positive. You create pressure by having air forced into your home. The pressure then prevents radon from coming up through the foundation of your home.

Sub-membrane Systems

These types of systems are good for homes that have a crawl space. The floor of the crawl space will be covered with a heavy plastic sheet. Then, a channel is created and a pipe is run to the outside of the house, and then a fan is installed. Then the radon gas is flushed out of your home underneath of the plastic sheet.

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