What’s the Difference Between a Home Inspection and a Home Appraisal?

Sometimes, people assume that a home inspector and home appraiser is the same thing. However, while there are some similarities between these two careers, they are two very different jobs. The characteristics of a good home inspector and home appraiser are similar: They must be objective, impartial and independent, as well as detail-oriented. Here are the main differences between a home inspector and a home appraiser. And you can call on us here at AmeriSpec Home Inspection Service when you need a home inspector in Minneapolis.

Home Inspector

A home inspector is there to help educate the potential home buyer about the home they are thinking of buying. That way, the home buyer can make an informed decision about what will probably be the biggest investment they will ever make in their life. A home inspector works on behalf of the buyer and will only have the buyer’s interests in mind. Even if the buyer decides not to buy the home, the home inspector will still get paid, so the home inspector does not have a financial interest in whether or not the home is sold.

When a home inspector comes to the home, he or she usually wants the buyer to be there during the inspection process. And a home inspection looks at only the house and the property. It does not look at any other homes in the neighborhood for comparison purposes.

Home Appraiser

A home appraiser works for the lender. The home appraiser is hired by the bank or whoever is doing the lending, and the appraiser will have the lender’s interests at heart. The buyer will have little to no say in who the appraiser is.

Buyers will probably not be invited to the home for the appraisal. They will not get a copy of the appraisal unless they specifically ask for it too. A home appraiser will also compare the house and property to the other ones in the neighborhood. If the house is in better shape than the other houses in the neighborhood, the house will probably be appraised at a higher value than the other homes. An appraiser will do a lot of research about the other homes in the area too, and the home appraiser’s report will include information about the other homes too.

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