Winter Home Inspections: Why the Cold Months are Ideal for a Home Inspection

Winter is here, and the cold months can be an ideal time to get your home inspected, especially in Minnesota. It’s the best time to figure out problems like ice damning, downspout extensions, uneven snow melt, condensation and more. Here are a few things your AmeriSpec Home Inspection Service home inspector will look for:

When your home inspector comes out, they will look for ice building up on the eaves and extending up under the roof shingles. If ice is building up, the culprit could be poor ventilation in the attic. The quickest and easiest repair is to add roof vents, but if this isn’t taken care of soon the resulting repairs could be costly.

If condensation is building up on your windows, it’s usually caused by a lack of ventilation. Installing exhaust fans is one of the easiest ways to fix this problem, but if that’s not an option, something as simple as opening a window can help.

Inspecting the roof for patches of unevenly melted snow can help identify problems with the insulation in the attic. Thankfully, the solution to this problem is easy to fix (just get new insulation put in) and can even help reduce your heating bill.

Downspouts and gutters also need to be inspected to make sure that where they are draining is not a safety hazard if the water gets frozen. Relocating downspouts is usually an easy process as well.

And even if you’re not selling your home any time in the near future, annual home inspections can keep your property in great shape, possibly eliminating expensive repairs down the road. That way, if you ever want to sell your home, you are already aware of any potential problems, so there will not be any surprises!

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