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How to Tell if There’s a Moisture Problem in a Home

When buying a home it is important to make sure there will be no big surprises. That’s where a home inspection comes in. And, as a home inspector for Minnetonka, we know one of the most essential places of the home to inspect is the basement. Every homeowner should be aware that most basements are […]

Radon Testing & Home Inspections: A Very Dynamic Duo

January was National Radon Action Month. And, although it may already be March, there is still time to take major action against radon. And, it can be as easy as getting a routine home inspection. At AmeriSpec Home Inspection Service, we specialize in radon testing for Lakeville and the surrounding areas and can perform this […]

Major Reasons to Go for the Home Inspection

Don’t skip the inspection. Why? There are so many reasons. But, there are a few major ones every home buyer needs to consider. After all, buying a home in itself can be a stressful but exciting experience. But, one of the best ways to alleviate this stress and learn more about your new home and […]