National Mold Awareness Month 2022

Mold. A name belonging to a diverse group of fungi that naturally grows in damp, moist areas. While mold out in the wild is not a problem, mold growing in your house can cause adverse health effects on you and your loved ones. That’s why the Environmental Protection Agency has named September “National Mold Awareness Month”!

Most people have had food sit for a few days too long and taken out fuzzy fruits or vegetables, however that isn’t quite the type of mold we are talking about. When we think of mold during National Mold Awareness Month, we think of mold growing in walls or bathrooms. The trouble with this sort of mold is that it can sometimes be difficult to notice during home walk-throughs occurring prior to the purchase of your new home.

Luckily, while our inspections don’t include formal mold testing, they do include thorough examinations of your hopefully soon-to-be new home – meaning that if there is visible mold, we will see it and disclose that information to you. This is just another reason why home inspections are a vital part of the home buying process!

Our home inspection process can also identify potential issues that could lead to increased likelihood of mold growth, such as improperly vented kitchens or bathrooms.

However, if you have already purchased your home, there are steps that you can take to prevent the growth of mold!

  • React to spills or leaks quickly
  • Clean and repair roof gutters regularly
  • Make sure the ground slopes away from your home
  • Keep indoor humidity low (between 30-50% if possible!)
  • Use air conditioners and de-humidifiers

If you find mold in your house, the best choice is to act immediately. While it may be tempting to kill the mold and move on, the Environmental Protection Agency recommends not mixing bleach and cleaning solution due to harmful fumes that could be produced. They also recommend completely removing the mold, rather than just killing it. Some people experience allergies to dead mold – meaning that mold, alive or dead, can cause negative health conditions.

Home inspections can save buyers thousands of dollars on mold removal. Here at AmeriSpec, our home inspections can grant you peace of mind before buying your new home. Give us a call today at 952-854-5110 or contact us to learn more about what we can do for you!