The Tiniest of Wall Exposures Openly Invites Radon Into Your Home

This post was guest written by Titus Contracting.

When you get your  lower level renovated, be absolutely sure  you have radon testing conducted. If the test yields a radon positive result, you can take simple steps to alleviate radon from within your home. Radon is present  virtually everywhere across the world, so your lower level is quite likely harboring at least a small level of this silent killer.

With radon as a legitimate concern, you should consider having a professional conduct testing and  take action based on those results. There are some fixes you can do on your own, however there are many great techniques that can be easily integrated into your renovation.  One solution your contractor may use to preventing radon from entering your home is applying a sealant to any open or exposed cracks and fissures before putting up drywall in your lower level.

If radon is an issue in your home, another solution that can be integrated into your lower level remodel, is a ventilation system. This involves digging a trench in your lower level and inserting a venting pipe under the slab to allow radon particles to escape. A piping and fan network can also be installed behind the drywall to further ventilate any radon in your lower level.

Radon is a gas that decays into radioactive particles. These particles are  airborne, entering the typical home through gaps at beams and connection points, as well as cracks and fissures in unfinished basement walls. This fissures allow for something of a constant bombardment from radon to the average home owner and their family. Radon entering your home via lower level gaps, can also seep up into upper   levels of the home, and can ultimately cause harm to you and your family..

Radon particles damage lung tissue, and can potentially cause lung cancer. This is why it is important to test for radon in your home and take the necessary steps to solve any radon issues you may have.

The risks are indeed real. When you choose to remodel  your home, chances are  you and your family plan on staying there for a while.Nip radon in the bud now through testing and removal.

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