Top Problems Found During a Property Inspection

As you know, property inspections are an essential part of purchasing real estate and property. Not only do most lenders require one before they’ll finalize a mortgage loan, but without an inspection you may end up with property that has a host of pricey problems. Here at AmeriSpec we specialize in property inspection for Woodbury and the surrounding areas and would like to tell you a little more about it as well as some of the most common problems found during one. It is important to understand that no home is perfect, and that your home inspector will likely have some findings. And, there are certain issues uncovered frequently during home inspections. Here are just a few of the most common issues found during a typical property inspection:

property inspection

Poor Drainage

Ideally, water should run away from your home. When poor drainage conditions exist, standing water can accumulate or water can run toward the home, collecting around the foundation. Some lots aren’t properly graded from the beginning while others suffer from erosion. Structures can also settle over time. The end result in all cases could be poor drainage around the property. A property inspection can help pinpoint these types of issues so that you’re aware of them.

Bad Wiring

Older homes that feature outdated wiring may not be able to keep up with all of the electronics of today. And sometimes, haphazard measures are taken by previous owners, placing a dangerous load on the existing electrical system. A home or property inspection may discover such issues or even recommend additional inspection by an electrician.

Roof Damage

Many homeowners don’t take it upon themselves to have their roof inspected on a regular basis. But a property inspection can find damaged shingles, flashing, the incursion of pests, or other serious problems you should be aware of.

Plumbing Issues

Outdated plumbing is very common in older homes and can lead to problems like clogs, leaks, sewer issues and weak water pressure, all of which a property inspection could uncover.

Lack of Building Standards

The previous owners may have decided to do work to the home including additions and more. Unfortunately, not everyone goes to the trouble of hiring a home inspector to ensure that the changes they’re making are up to code. As a result, your property inspection may uncover a number of minor or major code violations that should be fixed before the sale can go through.

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