Common Problems Found in a Home Inspection

When you call us for a home inspection in Bloomington or the surrounding areas, one of our home inspectors will show up at the house and property to take a look at things and to provide you with a detailed inspection report. Here are a few of the most common problems we find during a home inspection.

Problems with Grading or Sloping

When the dirt around a home is not properly graded so it slopes away from the home, this can lead to damp or wet crawl spaces, a cracked foundation, a foundation that moves or worse. The water could cause walls to rot and it could lead to mold and other problems. These types of problems are visible even without a home inspection. Are the windows out of square? Is the floor inside visibly sloped or out of level? If so, these are some signs that there might be a problem with the grading outside.

Problems with Roofing Materials

The roof is obviously one of the most important parts of a house, so this is definitely a big part of a home inspection. Roofing materials can really take a beating throughout the entire year, so making sure they are in good shape is imperative. Old roofing materials are prone to leaks, and if the roofing material was not installed properly in the first place, this could also be a potential problem. We can look at the roof, evaluate the type of roofing materials used and what kind of shape they are in and, from there, give you an honest assessment of the roof.

Problems with Electrical System

Because many house fires could have been avoided with proper wiring and electrical systems in place, this is yet another part of the house that we will inspect thoroughly. We can take a look at the wiring in the home to make sure it was done properly and that there are no exposed wires that could cause someone harm or worse. In some older homes, we sometimes see a lot of extension cords running from room to room. And in others, old and new, we see do-it-yourselfers who have tried to splice electrical wires together themselves but they did not do it properly or up to code. We will note these issues on your home inspection report so you are fully aware of them.

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The knowledge, skill and experience required to follow these “tips” varies; if you are in doubt as to your ability to properly and safely implement these suggestions, call a qualified professional first. Every home appliance and system is different as are the problems that can affect them. Accordingly, the above-referenced tips are meant only as suggestions to be considered for the listed problems. AmeriSpec cannot be responsible for any damages arising from any actions taken pursuant to tips provided herein. This list is not exhaustive and other remedies may be needed in addition to those listed above.