Major Reasons to Go for the Home Inspection

Don’t skip the inspection. Why? There are so many reasons. But, there are a few major ones every home buyer needs to consider. After all, buying a home in itself can be a stressful but exciting experience. But, one of the best ways to alleviate this stress and learn more about your new home and any potential issues or problems within it is by hiring a home inspector. AmeriSpec Home Inspection Service specializes in home inspection for Woodbury and we’re here to tell you a few of the major reasons to give us a call before buying a home.home inspection

When buying a home, mystery should never be involved. You should always have the facts when making such a huge financial decision. Let’s say you call for a home inspection and they come out and find a slew of problems with the home you are wanting to buy. This is a huge indication your dream home could actually become a financial nightmare. Mold can wreak havoc throughout the home, causing health issues and is also highly expensive to remedy. If you determine this issue is too much to try and fix, a home inspection can offer you the foresight to back out of the deal and try to find another home that is more suitable for you and your family.

But not all is necessarily lost. If your home inspection reveals problems with the home, you don’t necessarily have to back out of the deal if you love the house. But the results of the property inspection could give you more leverage in negotiating the price. The seller might be willing to reduce the price or even have those issues fixed before they sell it to you.

Did you know that illegally added rooms and additions affect your homeowners’ insurance, taxes, usability and the overall value of your home? A home inspection can also determine whether or not the house you are trying to buy has any additions or other added construction that was not done legally or up to code.

And, these are just a few of reasons you should call us to schedule a home inspection. Don’y buy without one! Give us a call and we will send one of our professional home inspectors to the property you are thinking of purchasing. He or she will come out and perform a 400-point home inspection.

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