Radon Testing & Home Inspections: A Very Dynamic Duo

January was National Radon Action Month. And, although it may already be March, there is still time to take major action against radon. And, it can be as easy as getting a routine home inspection. At AmeriSpec Home Inspection Service, we specialize in radon testing for Lakeville and the surrounding areas and can perform this important test during your next home inspection.

Radon Testing Lakeville MN

In fact, a majority of our customers opt for radon testing to be performed during their home’s inspection. And, this number continues to grow. So, in honor of radon awareness, we’d like to discuss why radon testing should almost always be a part of your routine home inspection.

First off, did you know that radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer? It is something you can’t smell or see. So, you need to have comprehensive radon testing done to ensure this silent killer is not a problem in your home. And when you are buying or selling a home, you want to be sure that the home is safe for you and the next homeowner. A home inspection is typically a part of the home buying process so this is an easy and convenient time to have your home tested for radon as well. Just ask your inspector to include it. It’s that easy!

It is important to keep in mind that even if you aren’t buying or selling a home, radon testing should be done on a regular basis to ensure your home is still safe.

While it’s easy to have radon testing added to your inspection, it is important to hire an inspection company you can trust. For example, AmeriSpec is qualified to perform radon testing during home inspections. We are National Radon Proficiency Program-certified by the National Environmental Health Association. This means all of our radon testing is performed with compliance oversight, and we are ethical in the radon tests we perform during home inspections. We also receive continuing education and we also get guidance in standards development and quality assurance.

After the radon testing is completed, you will need to find a licensed and certified radon mitigation contractor to come in and rid your home of radon. A big factor that will come into play when it’s time to get rid of the radon is the type of home you own.

So, when you need radon testing in Lakeville, call AmeriSpec Home Inspection Service at 952-854-5110 or Contact Us.