Reasons to Have a Home Inspection on Your Newly Constructed Home

While everyone understands the need for a home inspection when buying a previously owned home, not everyone understands the need for an inspection on a newly built home. The summer is a popular time of year for building and moving into newly constructed homes and as the experts in property inspection for the Twin Cities area, we would like to speak more on this essential step in the building and home buying process. 

property inspection twin cities

Here at AmeriSpec Inspection Services, we understand that building and buying a new home is an exciting experience. When building a brand new home, you have the opportunity to completely customize your dream home from picking out the fixtures, to choosing the countertops, paint colors and floor coverings. However, before you start imagining where the furniture will go and planning your first get together in your new home, don’t forget to schedule a property inspection. It is essential to have an independent, professional inspector on your side. 

For one, the builder’s inspector works for the builder; not for you. That is why it is so essential to hire your own inspector; one that will work for you. Inspectors that the builders provide are paid for by the builder and, as a result, can’t be completely impartial. An inspector hired by you, the buyers, are working in your best interest. Beware if any builder who does not want a third party property inspection performed.

A property inspection also allows you to correct issues before you and yours move in. If issues are identified during property inspection, it will allow the builder time to repair/correct these issues before you and your move in. Most importantly, safety issues must be addressed immediately to protect you and your family’s safety.

There are also many different elements involved in building a home and it is important each one is inspected to ensure everything works and fits together the way that they should. When you consider all of the subcontractors who had a hand in the home’s construction such as electricians, plumbers, roofers and more you can see the complexity involved in building. A property inspection will be able to look at each individuals work and find any issues that exist such as missing siding, raised roof shingles, ducts and vent problems, poor drainage, shoddy wiring and more.

While there are some truly excellent home builders out there who have decades of experience and only use the best contractors, not all are created equal. And, that’s where we come in. A newly constructed property inspection can give you important insights into the houses’ attributes and vulnerabilities and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

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